Historic Timeline

December 13, 1788 – John Ings II is born in Portsmouth, Hamphsire, England

September 10, 1812 – John Ings II marries Sarah Wood (daughter of William Wood and Prudence Smith) at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Charlottetown, PEI

February 10, 1815 – John Ings III is born in Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

December 27, 1816 – William Ings is born in Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Approx. 1830 – John Ings II, Sarah and family move to PEI. Their 9th and last child is born, Amelia Ings, in 1932, in Alexandra, PEI.

John Ings II was a British Naval engineer in Portsea, Portsmouth, England. A master shipwright, he then worked from about 1830 onward in bringing his expertise to the shipbuilding industry on PEI. In 1845, he received full marks in PEI’s Royal Gazette while working at the Benjamin Davies shipbuilding yard in Orwell, on a copper-bottomed ship called “Cumberland.”

February 5, 1846 – William Ings marries Sarah Gay (daughter of Thomas Gay and Elizabeth Wood) in Lot 49, PEI. William soon purchases 60 acres “on the back road” – which is now the present day Trans Canada Highway – for his family farm.

1847-1854 – John Ings II appointed as lighthouse keeper at the Point Prim lighthouse. He lived there with his wife, Sarah, during this time.

While working as lighthouse keeper in Point Prim, John Ings II would send signals to his son William on the Ings property in Hazelbrook.

1847 – John Ings III becomes the publisher of “The Islander” – a PEI newspaper that eventually brought on W.H. Pope (lawyer, and Father of Confederation) as its editor, and that was devoutly in support of PEI joining Confederation, and the construction of the railroad.

January 3,1855 – John Ings III marries Mary Jane Yeo, in Charlottetown. Mary Jane is James Yeo’s daughter, who was the most prominent shipbuilder on PEI in the mid-1800’s.

1873 – PEI joins Confederation and construction of the PEI railroad is taken on by the Canadian government
– W.H. Pope takes on a position as judge in Summerside, PEI
– John Ings III retires from his publishing position, and “The Islander” ceases publication
– It is about this time (or perhaps a year or two prior) that work toward the grand Greek Revival style house in Hazelbrook on the William Ings property is begun – built with help from the family in a shipbuilder’s tradition, with undoubtedly key direction from master shipwright and draftsman, William’s father, John Ings II.

– The Ings family had strong Conservative party influence, and the new railway line is eventually constructed with the line being made to run directly by the head of the William Ings property in Hazelbrook.

1875 – Hazelbrook Homestead construction is completed

1878 – Sarah Ings, wife of John Ings II, dies. John Ings II receives care from his son William’s family in Hazelbrook.

February 17, 1880 – William Ings dies

March 24, 1887 – John Ings II dies in Hazelbrook

1887-1912 – Samuel Ings, son of William Ings, becomes caretaker of Hazelbrook Homestead

1912 – Samuel Ings dies

1912-1920 – Aaron Ings, son of William Ings and older brother of Samuel Ings, becomes caretaker of Hazelbrook Homestead

1920 – Aaron Ings dies

1920-1977 – Ernie Ings (son of Samuel Ings) and Lona Drake (niece of Samuel Ings, as her mother Annie Drucilla Ings was his sister) become caretakers of Hazelbrook Homestead. Ernie and Lona are double first cousins, and were married as such, but had no children. Ernie’s mother was Charlotte Isabella (“Belle”) Drake, and Lona’s father was George Wallace Drake, the brother of Charlotte Isabella.

1976 – Lona Drake dies 1977 – Ernie Ings dies

1977-2015 – Ernie Drake (nephew of Lona Drake) and his wife Margaret Drake become the new owners and caretakers of Hazelbrook Homestead

2015 – Ernie Drake dies

2016 – Hazelbrook Homestead is sold out of the family for the first time, to Todd MacLean and Savannah Belsher-MacLean of Pinette, co-signed in the purchase of the property with Todd’s father, Roddie MacLean, of Charlottetown.

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